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Personal Financial Network, Inc. is dedicated to helping individuals and families improve their overall financial picture.  We offer free counseling services to consumers who feel overwhelmed by debt, and educate and assist you in every way possible to promote your financial well being.  

Personal Financial Network, Inc. has been in business since 2002, and we have since counseled or assisted thousands of individuals.

We work with community non profits and provide a wide range of services.  In addition to one on one counseling, we provide seminars and workshops, educational materials, housing counseling, and free income tax preparation.  We can also offer a debt management program in which we work with you and your creditors to help you consolidate all of your monthly payments into one, simple payment, reduce the interest you are paying and help you to pay your debts faster. We and our counselors will assist you in becoming free from personal debt.

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 Call Us: (866) 406-4132
Monday - Friday 9:00am - 7:00pm EST

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Personal Financial Network, Inc.
5540 Centerview Dr, Suite 200
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Our Partner:

Harbour Financial Inc.

Harbour Financial was formed May 27, 1981 as a processing service for home equity lending. This company is owned by Ray E. Noftsinger of Virginia Beach, Virginia. As a former USAF Combat Pilot from Vietnam, Ray left the Air Force in 1975 to begin a career in financial planning. Ray served as Vice President of Harbour Equity Funds in Phoenix Arizona prior to moving to Virginia in 1981. Harbour processes payments for agencies that are in the non-profit debt counseling industry as well as processing for Harbour Credit Counseling Services.

Harbour currently disburses over $3,500,000 each month on behalf of over 10,000 families. Trust and escrow accounting is accomplished via various insured trust and escrow accounts located at Bank of America. Harbour also provides processing services for eighteen partner agencies and consolidates electronic payments for an additional seven agencies.

Harbour hosts its own web servers and is linked to the internet via a high speed T-1 dedicated connection. Currently, Harbour has expanded their web presence to offer fully interactive web customer service for Credit Counseling clients.

Harbour Financial Inc. is a corporation in Good Standing in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a member of the Greater Tidewater Better Business Bureau, and sponsor of various charitable and religious activities in the area. Harbour maintains insurance for liability, and employee dishonesty adequate to protect its client base.

*Numbers listed in the above sections were provided on 7/1/02.

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